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About us

PIOGGIA CARNEVALI SpA was founded in 1950 by Cavalier Giovanni Carnevali in Dosso del Corso, Mantova and then moved 9 years later to the current headquarters in Porto Mantovano where his son, Eng. Alessandro Carnevali, began to follow the business at the age of 22 while continuing his engagement in studies to achieve the degree in Hydraulic Engineering in Freiburg. Since 2005, the company has been managed by one of Alessandro’s two sons, Dr. Andrea Carnevali. A beautiful Italian entrepreneurial story, now at its third generation, born from a brilliant idea, followed with the passion and ingenuity typical of our lands and in recent years ready for a new expansion in the world market.

The evolution goes from the initial idea of ​​building fixed irrigation systems, the only ones existing at that time, to the development of new mobile, semi-automatic and automatic systems. Over the years it has been necessary to expand the range of products and increase the production specialization, so Corai spa and Nuova Silam srl have joined together. They mainly produce fittings and pipes for irrigation respectively galvanized and by aluminium, while Pioggia Carnevali focused its activity on automatic hose reels and on a wide range of accessories for the most diverse irrigation, mining and wellpoint systems.

The latter is now part of the company's core business, to which we should add the pipes emergency packages, that is the important supplies for moving water in the event of floods, the subcontracting to multinational companies in the sector, the full package of fittings and accessories for large water plants in Italy and abroad.

Pioggia Carnevali is present on the international market with four product lines:

* Fixed systems and accessories line that includes: spherical type joints as well as Bauer type, Cardan Perrot type, Rotom type, Export type, Elite type, Vitaulic type with related pipes and accessories, all available in galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminium; small, medium and large range sprinklers

* Automatic hose reels line: a wide, reliable, always evolving range of hose reels well known in the world market and full of a very wide range of accessories to adapt to all the needs of an increasingly competitive market

* Motor pumps, Power Packs and Generators line: a huge power range with a wide choice of motors, pumps and generators, available in the open version, soundproofed, on a fixed base or on a trolley.

* Pivot and linear systems line for medium and large surfaces: Pioggia C. supplies the systems "key on hand" because it is essential that the service accompanies the product to obtain maximum reliability and to satisfy the customer

The strengths of the company are the production sites and warehouses, able to satisfy any need and always equipped with important stocks. In addition, the company provides with its own vehicles the most urgent deliveries for the Italian market and collaborates with many national and foreign carriers to provide a complete service to all customers.

The experience gained has led Pioggia Carnevali SpA to choose only the best raw materials with the collaboration of the most important suppliers in the sector.

Today Pioggia Carnevali SpA distributes high-performance products with durability and long-term reliability. Taking advantage by the professionalism of its collaborators, it is able to provide solutions for every market need and offer a constant service to its customers, assisting them not only at the purchase step but also for the entire duration of the products, paying particular attention to the water saving and to the sustainable environmental.

Our history is our mission: we show who we are with our daily actions, with our projects, with our results. Our evolution goes on, full of interesting challenges, difficult but possible targets, simple but important solutions that can only be found by listening to and observing the needs of the customers with great humility, passion, openness, imagination and knowledge.

Pioggia Carnevali was, is, and we hope will be, one of the major players in the world of irrigation and wellpoints.